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"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work." -Peter Drucker

The Mt. Hood Community College district encompasses an area of about 950 square miles with a population of more than 494,801. The district boundaries extend as far east as the lofty peak of Mt. Hood and to the Wasco County line, south into Claskamas County including the communities of Boring and Damascus and west into the city limits of Portland.

The Columbia River from 33rd St. to Cascade Locks is the northern boundary. Included within this area are the high school distrcits of Centennial, Corbett, David Douglas, Gresham-Barlow, Oregon Trail, Parkrose, and Reynolds.

The AIR Team is committed to Mt. Hood Community College's culture of excellence with intentions of achieving the ultimate goal: Transforming Lives and Building Communities.

Our Mission

Analytics & Institutional Research facilitates Transforming Lives and Building Communities by:

  • Expanding Efficiency
  • Endorsing Data Accuracy
  • Enabling Purposeful Direction
  • Empowering Informed Action
  • Ensuring Timely Compliance

For Internal Decision Makers, Regulatory Agencies, and Other External Stakeholders.

Our Vision

AIR is recognized as a center of excellence in leveraging information resources to provide leadership, best practices, quality service, accurate/appropriate data reporting and professional consulting related to data needs, process improvement, assessment and planning.

Our Services

It’s our goal to help you reach your objectives. Best practices of data driven organizations suggest that a solution based approach when you come to us with a problem rather than a request for a specific data or a survey would result in much better results for the whole organization. Ask us to analyze stopping late registration rather than just asking for a success rate of students who register late, ask us to determine employee satisfaction rather than asking for a specific survey. Come to us with your problem, and we will help with a thorough analysis to address your needs.

Decision Support/Evaluation Services

We can analyze the issue you have at hand using available data, best practices, and forecasting techniques to assist you in making the best decision. In case of an ongoing issue/project we can further assist with setting metrics, defining milestones, establishing a monitoring system, and conducting a comprehensive analysis at the end.

Data Request/Data Collection Request

While we recommend solution based approach there could be situation (e.g. compliance purposes) when you need specific data that we either already have or something that needs to be collected through a survey without analysis.

Business Process Automation

Quite often we discover that a lot of processes are conducted manually (e.g. various reports, tracking students, etc) that can be significantly simplified though automation. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see if we can be of any help.


If you need help using our resources or would like some training on how to be data driven, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule some time for you or your team to get the most of what we can offer.

Our Team

Sergey Shepelov
Chief Data, Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness Officer

Sergey gets very enthusiastic about any project as long as it’s something new and challenging. He’s always fascinated to envision an efficient solution to an existing problem. He believes that leveraging available technology is always needed to achieve that. Sergey is excited to work on some of the most challenging issues MHCC faces at this time. He helps to lead the college in creating a data driven decision culture and establishing effective planning and assessment processes. In his free time Sergey enjoys to spend time with his daughter, hike and learn about Artificial Intelligence.


Tim Green
Research Associate

Tim Green has been the Research Associate at Mt. Hood Community College for fifteen years. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Leisure Studies and Services from the University of Oregon and a Master’s Degree in Park, Recreation, & Tourism Sciences from Texas A&M University. Before coming to MHCC, Tim worked as the Customer Information & Marketing Coordinator for Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area, a federally designated National Demonstration Area. While there, he did extensive research for the property including a study to assess the feasibility of becoming 80% self-sufficient, satisfaction assessments, visitor profile studies, and advertising effectiveness. As part of the demonstration function of the National Recreation Area, Tim presented customer information strategies, strategic planning, and point of sale data gathering to federal agency representatives throughout the country. Tim’s primary function at the college is survey activities. He has conducted the majority of student satisfaction surveys, oversees the administration of the employee satisfaction survey, and works with programs for a graduate follow-up survey. He has coordinated an assessment of community priorities for government services and a positioning study for the college. Tim is currently working on the implementation of a customer comment card for departments at the college. When not at work, Tim enjoys a newly acquired empty nester status with his wife. He is an avid skier and spends whatever time he can on the college’s namesake: Mt. Hood.


Susanne Rose
Assessment and Planning Coordinator

Susanne is an International Student Alumni of Mt. Hood Community College and has been working for the College since 2012. She has served in numerous roles within Instructional Services and is now helping the College move its Assessment and Planning to the next level. Outside of work she is a busy mom of two that enjoys camping, wakeboarding and relaxing with a glass of wine.


John Tran
Business Intelligence Developer

John is the newest Air team member. He's been moving around different states for the past few years but decided to move back home to be close to family.

He is a Business Intelligence Developer/Web programmer who has a passion for fixing issues with creative thinking and 'think outside the box' approach. He likes anything related to SQL, SSRS, Reporting and C# programming language.

John is also a seasoned wedding videographer and photographer but nowadays he is facing a far more challenging task of capture precious moments of his 2 active toddlers. He's currently residing in Gresham with his family.


Jacob Springer
Senior Business Intelligence Developer

Jacob Springer has been a full stack developer for the Analytics and Institutional Research department at Mt. Hood Community College since 2013. He specializes in C# MVC, JQuery, Bootstrap, and SQL. If persuaded, Jacob can quickly produce Cognos reports but prefers SSRS/SSIS/PowerBI Solutions. When he isn’t writing code for the college; he spends time learning Swift or working on his personal programming adventures. Some other hobbies include practicing Chinese, gardening, cryptocurrencies, playing guitar, or reading. His long term goals include making education fun, engaging, and available to everyone. He dreams of starting an organic farm and workshop. He enjoys open source technologies, Reddit, puppies, and Raspberry Pi.